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Ricardo.Enums.Article Namespace

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Public enumerationActionLogBool
Enum for action log bool value in english.
Public enumerationActionLogTransferLog
Enum for transfer log.
Public enumerationArticleAvailability
Definition of Article Availability we could have.
Public enumerationArticleCondition
Definition of Article Conditions we could have.
Public enumerationArticleStat
Statuses available for article (column 'stat' in lstpo).
Public enumerationArticleStatus
Definition of Article Status we could have.
Public enumerationArticlesTypes
Definition of article types we could have.
Public enumerationAuctionFraudToolAllowed
Enum for auction fraud tool.
Public enumerationBidStatus
Enum for the bid status.
Public enumerationCloseListStatus
Enum for Insert List Status.
Public enumerationDataLocation
Defines article location in DB.
Public enumerationDeliveryConditionType
Definition of Delivery Conditions we could have.
Public enumerationInsertListStatus
Enum for Insert List Status.
Public enumerationInternalReferenceType
Type of the internal reference of an article
Public enumerationPartnersApiId
The Api Id for partners
Public enumerationProductLifetimeStatus
Public enumerationProductType
Definition of product(article) types we could have.
Public enumerationProductViewRequestOption
Defines the additional optional requests for a product view.
Public enumerationProductViewType
Defines the product view type for the request.
Public enumerationPromotionCode
Promotions available for articles
Public enumerationPromotionFlag
Promotions flags available for articles
Public enumerationWarrantyType
Definition of Warranty Type we could have.