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ProductViewRequestOption Enumeration

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Defines the additional optional requests for a product view.

Namespace:  Ricardo.Enums.Article
Assembly:  Ricardo.Enums (in Ricardo.Enums.dll) Version: 1.1.15308.4 (1.1.15308.4)
public enum ProductViewRequestOption
  Member nameValueDescription
None0 The none.
Information1 The information.
Pictures2 The pictures.
InternalReferences3 The internal references.
Deliveries4 The deliveries.
Descriptions5 The descriptions.
RelistInformation6 The relist information.
CheckoutInformation7 The checkout information.
BidHistory8 The bid history.
SellerInformation10 The seller information.
SellerOtherArticles11 The seller other articles.
AutoTechnicalDetails12 The automatic technical details.
ArticleLogs14 The article logs.
CanonicalInfo15 The article logs.
SimilarArticles16 The similar articles.
HtmlMetadata17 The article html metadata.
Observers18 The article observers information.
SeoChecksumInfo19 The seo checksum information
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