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ProductViewType Enumeration

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Defines the product view type for the request.

Namespace:  Ricardo.Enums.Article
Assembly:  Ricardo.Enums (in Ricardo.Enums.dll) Version: 1.1.15308.4 (1.1.15308.4)
public enum ProductViewType
  Member nameValueDescription
LiveAuction1 The live auction.
LiveAutoAuction2 The live automatic auction.
LiveAutoClassified3 The live automatic classified.
PlannedAuction4 The planned auction.
PlannedAutoAuction5 The planned automatic auction.
PreviewAutoClassified6 The planned automatic classified.
ArchivedAuction7 The archived auction.
ArchivedAutoAuction8 The archived automatic auction.
ArchivedAutoClassified9 The archived automatic classified.
OfflineArchivedAuction10 The Offline archived auction.
OfflineArchivedAutoAuction11 The Offline archived automatic auction.
OfflineArchivedAutoClassified12 The Offline archived automatic classified.
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