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PromotionCode Enumeration

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Namespace:  Ricardo.Enums.Article
Assembly:  Ricardo.Enums (in Ricardo.Enums.dll) Version: 1.1.15308.4 (1.1.15308.4)
public enum PromotionCode
  Member nameValueDescription
Subtitle1 The subtitle
BuyNow2 The buy now
PremiumHomePage4 The premium home page
ShowCase8 The show case
Thumbnail16 was named PhotoL in old schema
MyArticles32 My articles
AutomaticIncrement64 The automatic increment
PremiumCategoryBronze128 The premium category small
PremiumCategorySilver256 The premium category medium
PremiumCategoryGold512 The premium category large
Picture11024 The picture1
Picture22048 The picture2
Picture34096 The picture3
Picture48192 The picture4
Picture516384 The picture5
Picture632768 The picture6
Picture765536 The picture7
Picture8131072 The picture8
Picture9262144 The picture9
Picture10524288 The picture10
LoginUser1048576 The login user
PersonalHomePage2097152 The personal home page
Bold4194304 The bold
Highlight8388608 The highlight
PremiumCategory16777216 The premium category
PlannedArticle33554432 The planned article
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