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BrandingErrors Enumeration

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Article errors thrown during Branding article details validation

Namespace:  Ricardo.Enums
Assembly:  Ricardo.Enums (in Ricardo.Enums.dll) Version: 1.1.15308.4 (1.1.15308.4)
public enum BrandingErrors
  Member nameValueDescription
MandatoryFieldMissing0 MandatoryFieldMissing == 0
IncorrectFieldType1 IncorrectFieldType = 1
MultipleValuesNotAllowed2 MultipleValuesNotAllowed = 2
DependencyDetailsError3 DependencyDetailsError = 3
VersionIdIsMandatory4 VersionIdIsMandatory = 4
CantParseValueField5 CantParseValueField = 5
ProblemParsingArticleDetails6 ProblemParsingArticleDetails = 6
BrandingArticleDetailsXmlGenerationProblem7 Sent when the XML generation of article details fail.
BrandingArticleDetailsXmlEmpty8 Sent when the XML of article details is empty when getting data.
BrandingAutoIDatFuelTypeNotAccept9 Not possible get the rating with this type of fuel.FuelType.Gaz , FuelType.GazLpgPetrol
BrandingCarRatingMakeNameEmpty10 Not possible get the rating because makeName is empty
BrandingCarRatingModelNameEmpty11 Not possible get the rating because ModelName is empty
BrandingCarRatingFuelEmpty12 Not possible get the rating because fueltype is empty
BrandingCarRatingGearBoxEmpty13 Not possible get the rating because GaerBox is empty
BrandingCarRatingNotFound14 Not possible get the rating it's not found
BrandingAutoIdatServiceExceptionTimeOut15 Not possible because timeout
ProblemParsingUniverseNumber16 ProblemParsingUniverseNumber = 16
MissingWarrantyStartDate17 The date should be set when From date Warranty type selected
MissingWarrantyDuration18 The duration should be set when Warranty type is not none selected
FuelMandatoryFieldsMissing19 The fuel mandatory fields missing
WrongDateFormat20 Wrong date format, corect one is year-mm-dd
YearAndMonthAreRequired21 The year and month are required
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