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CustomerErrors Enumeration

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Customer error thrown during validation

Namespace:  Ricardo.Enums
Assembly:  Ricardo.Enums (in Ricardo.Enums.dll) Version: 1.1.15308.4 (1.1.15308.4)
public enum CustomerErrors
  Member nameValueDescription
NotAllowedToSell1 the customer is not allowed to sell, can be linked to a block or a credit limit
BillingError2 Unable to add a billing transaction for this customer, we don't have more informations
GetCustomerError3 Nickname or Customer id must be set
NeedToChangePasswordError4 User needs to change password
GetAccountPreferencesError5 An error occured while trying to get the account preferences, we don't have more informations
InvalidArguments6 Invalid arguments provided
EmptyCountryId7 countryId == 0 or countryId == null
EmptyNickName8 NickName null or empty
EmptyIPAddress9 IP address null or empty
EmptyEmail10 Email null or empty
EmptyCustomerId11 The customer id has to be provided
EmptyGuid12 The Guid is empty
NickNameIsNotUnique13 NickName Is Not Unique
EmailIsNotUnique14 Email Is Not Unique
EmptyFirstName15 FirstName null or empty
TooLongFirstName16 FirstName is too long
EmptyLastName17 LastName null or empty
TooLongLastName18 LastName is too long
TooLongNickName19 NickName is too long
TooLongEmail20 Email is too long
MustBeOver1821 The must be over 18
EmptyAddress122 Address1 is empty
TooLongAddress123 The Address1 is too long
TooLongAddress224 The Address2 is too long
TooLongStreetNr25 StreetNr is too long
TooLongPostalBox26 The postal box is too long
EmptyZipCode27 ZipCode is empty
TooLongZipCode28 The ZipCode is too long
EmptyCity29 City is empty
TooLongCity30 The City is too long
EmptyCantonId31 CantonId is null
EmptyPhoneNumber32 PhoneNumber is empty
TooLongPhoneNumber33 The PhoneNumber is too long
InvalidNickName34 The NickName provided is invalid
InvalidEmail35 The Email provided is invalid
InvalidStreetNr36 The StreetNr provided is invalid
InvalidZipCode37 The ZipCode provided is invalid
InvalidPhoneNumber38 The PhoneNumber provided is invalid
EmptyPassword39 The Password is empty
CompanyDetailsNotFull40 The company details are not full
TooLongCompanyName41 The company name is too long
TooLongCompanyVATNumber42 The company VAT number is too long
TooLongCompanyRegistryNumber43 The company registry number is too long
InvalidValidationKey44 the given validation key is empty or can't be decrypted
UnableToValidate45 Unable to validate the customer account, not found, already validated or link expired
MaxNumberOfCallsToAutomaticallyValidateUserInformation46 Unable to validate the customer information automatically, max number of calls reached
EmptyStreetNr47 The StreetNr is empty
NotCarDealer48 The user is not Car Dealer
PasswordComplexity49 The password is not complex enough
UnableToUpdate50 Unable to update
EmptyNewEmail51 New Email null or empty
EmptyNewNick52 New Nick null or empty
ValidationKeyExpired53 The validation key has expired
TooManyPremiumPackages54 The user already has too many Premium Packages
CardPaymentOptionNotAvailable55 The customer does not have the card payment option
CustomerBanned56 The customer has been banned
BuyerNotFromCHorLI57 The buyer is not from Switzerland or Liechtenstein
BuyerNorDVNorAC58 The buyer is neither validated by DeltaVista nor has entered his activation code
EmptyCustomerInfos59 The customer infos are empty
EmptyMemberPreferences60 The member preferences are empty
EmptyAddresses61 The customer has no addresses
UnableToInsert62 Unable to insert
CreditLimitExceeded63 Credit limit is exceeded
ActivationCodeStatusManuallyBlocked64 Activation Code Status is manually blocked
BillingStatusBlocked65 Billing status is blocked
BillingStatusInCollection66 Billing status is in collection
BillingStatusWrittenOff67 Billing status is written off
BillingStatusInCollectionPaid68 Billing status is in collection but paid
UnsubscribeTokenIsNotValid70 The unsubscription token is not valid
UnsubscribeNotAllowedForThisTemplate71 The unsubscription impossible for this template
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