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GeneralErrors Enumeration

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JR: ok guys, i like to explicitly set enum values, less conflict risk when deserializing old objects etc...

Namespace:  Ricardo.Enums
Assembly:  Ricardo.Enums (in Ricardo.Enums.dll) Version: 1.1.15308.4 (1.1.15308.4)
public enum GeneralErrors
  Member nameValueDescription
CloseAuctionFailed1 default code when we didn't manage to close an auction
CloseClassifiedFailed2 default code when we didn't manage to close a classified
DeletePlannedFailed3 default code when we didn't manage to delete a planned
CountryOrPartnerNotDefined4 The country or partner not defined
UnknownCategoryId5 the given cagetory Id does not exist for given partner
UnsupportedLanguageId6 The given languageId is not supported/existing
ArticleNotFound7 Unable to find the article given its ID
CustomerNotFound8 customer not found
EmptyIpAddress9 The IP address is not defined
TechnicalProblem10 The Technical Exception
ArticlesAmountLimit11 The limit for amount of articles per 1 push is 200
ListOfArticlesEmpty12 The list of article empty
UnknownCategoryName13 The category name specified is unknown
EmptyArgument14 The argument is empty (and should not be)
EmptyArticleCondition15 The article conditino is empty (and should not be)
TransactionsAmountLimit16 The limit for amount of articles per 1 push is 200
ListOfTransactionsEmpty17 The list of transaction empty
InternalReferencesAmountLimit18 The limit for amount of internal reference per 1 push is 200
ListOfInternalReferencesEmpty19 The list of internal references is empty
EmptyPagination20 The parameter for pagination should not be empty
InvalidPaginationPageSize21 The pagination page size is invalid, sould be greater than 0 and lower than max allowed range
InvalidPaginationPageNumber22 The pagination page number is invalid, should be greater than 0
EmptyReorderArgument23 The reorder array is null, should not be.
TimeOut24 A timeout occured, please retry your request.
PremiumHomePagePromoNotSupported25 PremiumHomePage promotion is not supported anymore.
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