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ListStatusCode Enumeration

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Status code set on temporary article un SuperLister.

Namespace:  Ricardo.Enums
Assembly:  Ricardo.Enums (in Ricardo.Enums.dll) Version: 1.1.15308.4 (1.1.15308.4)
public enum ListStatusCode
  Member nameValueDescription
Waiting0 article ready for processing.
InsertStep11 article is being processed, image copy.
InsertStep22 article is being processed, send confirmation mail.
InsertStep33 article is being processed, send confirmation mail.
Inserted4 article fully inserted.
EventProcessed5 event fully processed.
OldPreview11 article is for preview only (obsolete code).
Preview12 article is for preview only.
ClassifiedRequireValidation13 classified is pending for customer care validation
ClassifiedRejected14 classified has been rejected by the customer care
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